• chevron_rightBoard of Trustees & Meetings
    The Board of Trustees are Bainbrook Laurel Springs property owners, elected by community property owners and govern the Association on a volunteer basis. The mission of the Board is to maintain the amenities, design and integrity of this beautiful community.
    In order to meet required duties, the Board, on behalf of the Association, is empowered to enforce the provisions of the governing documents, as well as collect any required and necessary fees and assessments to sustain services.
    All board meetings are typically held every other month, unless otherwise posted.

    Our annual meeting is typically held in February at Clubhouse.  
  • chevron_rightCommittees
    Architectural Review Committee
    The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) evaluates home and landscaping plans to assure standards are followed as outlined in the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. The ARC requests that all submissions be received two weeks in advance of any board meeting for consideration to allow the committee members time to properly review the plans. The ARC form to be submitted with a resident's proposed modifications is located under the Residents tab. 
    Communications Committee
    The Communication Committee stays abreast of events happening inside and outside our neighborhood that affect our residents and keeps the homeowners informed of any information they might need to make living at Bainbrook Laurel Springs an even better experience.
    Landscaping/Grounds Committee
    The Landscaping/Grounds Committee oversees managing the homeowner association's common areas, including landscaping, grounds, ponds and streams. This committee is involved in directing the efforts of the landscaping and keeping the neighborhood a beautiful place to live.
    Pool Committee
    The Pool Committee is responsible for all aspects affecting the pool, including, but not limited to maintenance, life guards, and concession stand.
    Water Committee
    The Water Committee is responsible for all aspects affecting our private water system including the two water plants, their respective pumps and generators.
  • chevron_rightMailbox
    The original mailboxes can be ordered locally at Chagrin Pet and Garden. It can also ordered online at https://mailboxshoppe.com/mailboxes/bacova-mailboxes/ under "Bacova Mailboxes."
    The Board approved following three mailbox models and color options to be used as replacements, in addition to the original mailbox. With these replacements, the posts need to be the same consistent wooden style. 
    • The Sequoia Pewter Heavy-Duty Post Mount Mailbox made by Architectural Mailboxes (Internet #312072586; Model #5560P-R-10; Store SKU #1005033873) is heavy duty and available in white and black. More information is located by clicking the link.
    These can be purchased at Home Depot. 

    O.S. Construction does mailbox work, including posts in the neighborhood and can be reached as (440) 321-9763. Ask for Owen.
    In addition, please advise the Architectural Review Committee before beginning the process.
  • chevron_rightNew Resident Welcome Packet
  • chevron_rightUtilities, Services, Government & Education
    Utilities & Services
    The Illuminating Company (First Energy)
    (800) 589-3101
    Emergency Service, 24 hours a day: (888) 544-4877
    Dominion Energy Ohio
    (800) 362-7557
    Emergency Service, 24 hours a day: (877) 542-2630
    Water is provided and charged by the homeowners association.
    Geauga County Department of Water Resources
    (440) 279-1970
    Emergency Service, 24 hours a day: (866) 7292
    Waste: Residents may choose to use any service provider, but Waste Management is considered a "preferred vendor"
    Bainbridge Township, Geauga County, Ohio
    Bainbridge Town Hall
    17826 Chillicothe Road
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
    (440) 543-9871
    Kenston Local School District 
    Timmons Elementary School - kindergarten and grades 1-3
    Kenston Intermediate School - grades 4-5
    Kenston Middle School - grades 6-8
    Kenston High School - grades 9-12
  • chevron_rightWhat Do Our Homeowners Maintenance Fees Cover
    The Association uses the money to pay for the maintenance and repair of landscaping of common areas, three ponds, snow removal, pool, tennis courts, playground, clubhouse, pavilion, street signs, street lights, insurance, taxes, utilities, woods, streams, greenspaces and much more.
    The current Homeowners Association dues annual dues are $690. Maintenance fees are set for the following year based on expected expenses and funding of adequate reserves. Each owner pays an equal amount to the Association in the form of annual dues.
    Dues are the lifeblood of your Association and as such, are secured by a lien on each lot and/or home. If not paid, they are subject to interest, late fees, and collection fees and ultimately may be foreclosed upon by the Association. If the Association must spend its time and money to collect your assessment, it will harm the Association and eventually all other owners.
  • chevron_rightWhat Do Our Water Fees Cover
    The $85 quarterly water maintenance fee and the water usage rate of $0.009 per gallon are used to ensure that the water system provides a consistent source of safe water, free of contaminants and to maintain water revenues that exceed normal expenses and required capital investment.
    The water fee is used to maintain and repair the two water plant system in the neighborhood, including, the storage tanks, pumps, motors, electrical and backup generators. Further, this fee is used to repair and maintain the main water pipes and saddles that run from the water plants into individual homes.
    The water system is comprised of two water plants, main water pipes, and saddles that supply 360 homes and condos. Water rates include up to and include the saddle. The homeowner is responsible from the saddle to their individual residence. 
    The Laurel Springs water plant is located at the highest point of Bainbrook Drive. It has two 50,000 gallon above ground clearwells and seven wells. There is a water plant that has three high service pumps, caustic soda (for PH balance), and a chlorine addition system.
    The Bainbrook water plant is located near Bainbrook and Rolling Brook. It has one 50,000 below ground clearwell and two wells. There is a water plant that has three high service pumps, chlorine addition system, and two iron removal filters. 
    Both water plants have their own generators to ensure the pumps continue to operate in the case of a power loss. 
  • chevron_rightRemote-Read Water Meter Specifications
  • chevron_rightWhat Services Does M2 Management Group Cover
    M2 Management Group specializes in homeowners’ association management and homeowners’ financial services. M2 is charged with the responsibility of handling the day-to-day affairs of the Bainbrook/Laurel Springs Homeowners Association. M2 handles all water billing, annual dues billing, as well as tactical functions of a community this size. M2 should be all residents first resource for any billing issues, neighborhood complaints or general concerns. M2 oversees the common elements such as landscaping, retention basins, swimming pool, pavilion, clubhouse, and tennis courts.
    M2's staff will be available to receive and answer your correspondence, telephone calls and perform the clerical and accounting functions pertinent to the management of BBLS.  Our property manager performs the on-site property inspections and coordinates services. Lastly, M2 takes direction from the Board and does not initiate any actions without permission to do so either by the Board or association's declarations and bylaws.